Available Prints & Dyes For MTO

How to order:

To order these, please choose your preferred items in the custom drop down menus.

In your order notes or via a message to Natalie Forsythe on Facebook or an email to Alpha Cloth Co, please note your desired Prints and/or Dyes for your items


TAT IS 6-8 weeks and orders are completed in the ordered they are received.

Your cart will revert to showing Canadian Dollar at checkout. Do not panic. This is the only way non-Canadian customers can still checkout. You are still paying the same converted US dollar (or other currency) amount.

Other Available Print & Dye Extras

Mostly Unlimited

On hand quantity will work for most MTO items
-Adult and children sizes

Still best to contact Natalie to check prior to ordering in these prints/dyes to ensure proper quantity

Multiple items in the same print may require ordering more fabric and TAT would change from MTO to Custom (see TAT banner on home page)


Perfect Pansies

Sealestial Seahorses

Sealestial Octopus

Speed Hero

Print exclusively made by me.

Street Letters

Print exclusively made by me.

Bats (Anatomy Collection)

Blue & Brown Anatomy (Anatomy Collection)

Royal Blue Anatomy (Anatomy Collection)


On hand quantity will likely only work for smaller children's items or colorblocked sets

Please contact Natalie prior to ordering in these prints/dyes to ensure there is a sufficient quantity for what you are trying to order

Dyes will not be remade; however, you can request a custom inspired by the dye there is not enough of if you would like something similar to one there is not enough of. Prints can be reordered (most of the time) if you would like more than is available, but will change TAT to custom instead of MTO

Dinos on Grey


Sealestial Turtles

Sealestial Coordinate

Sealestial Manta Ray

Sealestial Sea Lion

X-Mas Dinos

Custom Submitted File

Seed Packets


Pastel Wave Dye


Red Skeleton (Anatomy Collection)

Gold Skeleton (Anatomy Collection)

Burgundy & Gold Skeleton (Anatomy Collection)

Green Anatomy (Anatomy Collection)

Yellow & Green Anatomy (Anatomy Collection)

Panel option 1 ***there is only 1***

Panel option 2 ***there is only 1***

We are the grandchildren of the witches they couldn't burn.

Want some help envisioning these prints and dyes on you?

Take a look below for some amazing pieces that have been made with these prints and dyes